Welcome to WIZ and ZOZ!

This project has two parts, called WIZ and ZOZ.

You might say WIZ and ZOZ are the same thing, but described from two different points of view. ZOZ is a computer which spans our entire galaxy, and WIZ is a small piece of it. Their relationship might be like a drop of water is to an ocean of water: A WIZ is a tiny piece of the ZOZ, and the ZOZ is a huge expanded WIZ.

The WIZ part of this document is much more technical and is designed to be read by engineers and scientists. The ZOZ part is very non-technical and can be read by a smart 10 year old. Thus, ZOZ is the easiest place to start.

I present this to you here in what I think is just the right order so that each new term is defined as I introduce it, and each new idea sets you up for the next. It is therefore extremely important that you read these pages in the order given, and without skipping past anything. WIZ and ZOZ are very different from any computer system you may already know about. I am introducing a number of new ideas here, and if you enter any part of the discussion in the middle you will not know what I'm talking about! Thanks for being here, and please: read on!

My patent lawyer says I can't let you read all about them without an NDA. But here is the first chapter of each for your amusement:
Introduction to the ZOZ
More about ZOZ objects

Computation in the ZOZ
From ZOZ to WIZ