May you navigate the Great Continuum with skill and grace!

From "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River", season 7 episode 6 of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", originally broadcast on Nov 4, 1998
Watch it here! [I transcribed it myself! -SB].

Situation: The Chief Engineer needs a Graviton Stabilizer. His assistant, Nog, a mischievous Feringi trader, is going to get it for him.

Scene: The Captain's office. The large desk that normally dominates the office is very obviously missing. Enter The Colonel.

Colonel: [angry] Chief! In here now!
Colonel: You mind explaining this?
Chief: Where's the Captain's desk?
Colonel: Oh you don't know? This is your authorization code isn't it?
[hands Chief a pad]
Chief: Nog!
Colonel: What about him?
Chief: Well he must have traded the Captain's desk for the Graviton Stabilizer.
Colonel: Excuse me?
Chief: Don't worry Colonel, I will get the Captain's desk back.
Colonel: [very angry] Oh you're damn right you will. The Captain is returning from Bejor in two days. And when he does I want his desk sitting right here, where it belongs.

[cut to Nog and Chief]
[note: this banter reminds one of the Abbott & Costello "Who's On First?" routine]

Nog: Don't worry Chief, I didn't give away the Captain's desk. I just loaned it to someone.
Chief: Who?
Nog: Al Lorenzo.
Chief: Who's Al Lorenzo?
Nog: The Chief of Operations on Degos Prime.
Chief: What does he want with the Captain's desk?
Nog: He wants to take a picture of it.
Chief: Why?
Nog: He likes to collect holo-photos of himself sitting behind the desks of famous StarFleet Captains. Usually he just sneaks into their offices but with the war on it's been hard for him to get away.
Chief: Oh now that makes sense.
Nog: He's got quite a collection... Captain DeSoto's desk, Captain Picard's...
Chief: OK, fine. So, once he has his picture, he's going to send us the Graviton Stabilizer?
Nog: No. He's giving us an Induction Modulator.
Chief: But we don't need an Induction Modulator.
Nog: But the USS Mussachi does.
Chief: Ah! So the Mussachi is going to give us the Stabilizer?
Nog: No. They're giving us a Phaser Emitter.
Chief: But we don't need a Phaser Emitter.
Nog: No, but the USS Sentinel does. And they have the extra Stabilizer!
Chief: And they're willing to give it up for a Phaser Emitter?
Nog: That's the rumour!
Chief: Rumour? You've made all these deals based on a rumor?
Nog: From a very reliable source.
Chief: But what if it turns out not to be true?
Nog: You have to have faith Chief.
Chief: In a rumor?
Nog: No. In the great Material Continuum.
Chief: Who are they?
Nog: It's not a they. It's the force that binds the universe together.
Chief: I must have missed that class in Engineering School.
Nog: On Feringinar we learn about the Continuum while we still have our first set of ears.
Chief: This is no time for Feringi fairy tales.
Nog: The Continuum is real. You see, there are millions upon millions of worlds in the Universe. Each one filled with too much of one thing and not enough of another. And the Great Continuum flows through them all like a mighty river, from Have to Want and back again. And if we navigate the Continuum with skill and grace our ship will be filled with everything our hearts desire.
Chief: Right now I'd settle for a Stabilizer and a Captain's desk.
Nog: The river will provide!
Chief: If it doesn't sink us first!