Idea for a business: Convert vinyl albums to digital format at a flea market!

I take a battery, power inverter, turntable, preamp, USB A/D converter, laptop, folding chair and folding table to the Berryessa Flea Market every Sunday.

My sign says: "Will digitize your old records! $25/hour".

People bring me their vinyl records. I spin 'em, record them, burn a CD and give them the CD. We listen to them there while chatting!

I bet that after a few weeks, as people become aware of me, I would have continuous customers. Because of its uniqueness, word of mouth would spread fast!

And I could also make deals with people to meet me at other times and places, or to just give me their records and I'd deliver them back the next weekend, or whatever arrangement we wanted!

Point is, I'd be sitting there at the Flea Market making $25/hour for almost no work!

Cheers, Steve.