Six Impossible Things Index

Personal Adventures

2014.07.29 Laser guided cat
2014.06.23 Newton's Dots, Or Leibniz's D's?
2014.02.03 My new proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
2013.11.27 My personal Thanksgiving leftovers
2013.09.30 Writing code! Lots of code!
2013.07.19 Swift Enterprises has a new office!!
2013.04.28 I feel like saying: Thank you, Gene Roddenberry!
2013.02.10 Muir Woods
2013.01.27 Pinnacles National Park
2012.12.24 Xmas lunch with Paul at Blue Sky Chinese.
2012.12.16 The PID equation!
2012.09.05 Announcing: Steve's Word Clearing Service!
2012.06.17 Lots of beautiful smiles! (that's me on the left! Aren't I a lucky guy this day!)
2012.06.03 FDR's personal yacht, (The USS Potomac), and a Band celebrating the 75th anniversary of the port
2012.05.12 My birthday. And a prediction.
2012.05.09 Amazing automotive repair shop doll house at Gary Miller's (
2012.04.29 Installed a new floor in the van! LOTS of thermal insulation and a nice soft new rug!
2009.06.11 Hard Knox Cafe
2009.04.30 Me and my band on the Ed Sullivan show!
2009.04.06 Music for the Hundred - The Musical!
2008.06.28 Fourth of July Grillin'
2008.06.28 Talk to the hand!
2008.06.25 Vy at Cuetopia
2008.06.24 This Jambalaya was smokin'!
2008.06.22 At Denny's with my new camera and some black and white Tabasco
2008.06.18 Very first Impossible Thing post - New Camera, Paul, BJ's, and Nikki

Impossible Ideas

2012.09.09 A vinyl to digital service at the flea market!
2012.09.09 A Vision: The Magic Cabinet
2009.07.09 Bucky!
2006.10.25 Free Format Database System

Cool Things

2012.12.01 "There are three things you can do in a baseball game: You can win, you can lose, or it can rain." -- Casey Stengel.
2012.09.20 May you navigate the Great Continuum with skill and grace!
2012.08.10 Leaning Tower visual illusion
2012.05.29 Most accurate clock I've ever seen!
2012.05.12 Inspiring video: Will Smith shares his secrets of success
2009.10.29 Arnold Schwarzenegger letter to Tom Ammiano.html