Six impossible things before breakfast


This is my friend Paul. We've known each other since 1970 in Dallas and have had many an adventure together since. Today we played billiards. He whopped me 5 to 1. But then he gave me his old camera, a slightly beat up but excellently functioning Nikon Coolpix 5200. Paul is honored with being the subject of my very first picture taken with it, and my first picture for this new "blog"!


Afterwards, we go to BJ's at Oakridge Mall and philosophize about the nature of life and the latest Apple iPhone rumors. And Nikki is always there to greet us!


Paul says: Your blog looks good - People in it not bad either - I'm thinking that there is some humor in the wrong way sign in front of BJ's
I look forward to more of your pictures.....

Gayle says: Glad you are doing this.  At least I will know that you are alive!

Dad says: Terrific.  It's always good to hear from you.

Flamin' says: Good job!  I likes it!

Ragin' says: Will youse be acceptin additional photos?? I likes your new web page on the internets....

Burnin' says: Of course, but only if they are of very intelligent people, like Stephen Hawking or Jessica Alba!