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Welcome to WIZ and ZOZ!
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NOTICE: this documentation is quite preliminary. I'd like to keep its public distribution bounded.
Feel free to share any of this with others. But please do not give it "wide" distribution.
I'd like to get it into a more "final" form before broadly disseminating it. Thanks.

This project has two parts: WIZ and ZOZ.
The WIZ is a new kind of microprocessor chip.
The ZOZ is a sort of network in which the WIZ operates.
Actually, the WIZ is a tiny ZOZ, and the ZOZ is a humongous WIZ.

The WIZ documentation here is very technical and is written for engineers.
The ZOZ documentation is not very technical and is written to be understood by a smart 10-year-old.

If you are not a hardware geek, start with ZOZ.
If you are a hardware geek, start with WIZ.

And whichever u r:

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