Steve sez:

Thanks for dropping by!

Welcome to WIZ and ZOZ!

This project has two parts: WIZ and ZOZ. The WIZ is mostly hardware, and the ZOZ is mostly software. The WIZ documentation is very technical and is written for engineers and other types of geeks. The ZOZ documentation is not very technical and is written to be understood by a smart 10-year-old.

The ZOZ documentation introduces most of the basic terms and concepts that will be necessary to understand the WIZ. Even if you are an engineer here to read about the WIZ, you will need to understand the ZOZ first.

The documentation is presented here in what I think is just the right order so that each new term is defined as I introduce it, and each new idea sets you up for the next. It is therefore extremely important that you read these pages in the order given, and without skipping past anything.

WIZ and ZOZ are very different from any computer system you may already know about. I am introducing a number of new ideas here, and if you enter any part of the discussion in the middle you will not know what I'm talking about!

Thanks for being here, and please: read on!

Note: each of these "books" are single pdf files. The hyperlinks within them don't actually work. To move forward, don't click, scroll!

Book 1:  
   - introduction and overview of principles
Book 2:
From ZOZ to WIZ    - details of creating a computing engine within the ZOZ
Book 3:
The WIZ    - hardware, schematic drawings, and operational details
     (Book 3 is not a pdf, you must click on each chapter)